Bata Insolia Launch

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Bata Kenya were looking to introduce their new technology, the Insolia technology. We worked together in creating an awareness and sustainance campaign dubbed "Walk Further Walk Taller"

WALK FURTHER, WALK TALLER is a powerful statement that empowers women. This statement is connected to two main benefits of the Bata Insolia shoes.
WALK FURTHER - thanks to the three times longer wearing time, you can literally walk further.
WALK TALLER - high heels do not only add women on height, but also on their confidence in their feminine look.

Based on the insight that showed the average increase in high heel wear time was at least 300%, and the average step was 13% longer when wearing high heels with the Insolia Weight Shifting High Heel technology, resulting in most women being able to walk at least 3 times further. All test results are based on averages. Not all women will have the same results.

Results: We managed to hit a reach of 200,000 people online over 8 days with over 250,000 impressions and over 40,000 engagements. The launch was a success, attracting top celebrities and shoppers leading to an increase in sales over the period.

Project Details
  • Client Name : Bata Kenya

  • Location : Nairobi, Kenya