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Imagine if you could know your consumers as well as you know your friends, understanding what they crave, what they buy, why they buy what they buy and so much more.
We are a leading data driven agency of normal-ish people with great focus on the consumer journey while telling our client's story how we know best,
through strategically thought out creatives and use of the digital eco-system.


To constantly deliver award winning creative and strategically thought through digital marketing solutions.


To be the leading responsive creative digital agency, offering fast turnaround time and most creative and result oriented solutions that focus on helping our clients understand and win over their consumers.

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Our strengths are guided by the following co-values and principles.


We believe that by demonstrating a sense of humor and developing an enjoyable workplace environment, we create an enduring atmosphere for exceptional creativity, outstanding client service and thriving employees.


We give keen attention to details, delivering high-quality, creative work to our clients — on time, on budget and on strategy. Since we are human, we sometimes make a mistake, but when we do, we always admit it and then fix it beyond expectations.


To us, creativity is what makes us stand out. We carefully analyze, research and create custom solutions that solve our clients’ needs.


By constantly learning and researching, we always come up with the latest technology advertising solutions for our clients and are able to stay current with what works.


With the manipulation of data to generate insights, we are made to believe that great design can make a good idea even better.

Digital Media Strategy

At Webworks defining a clear digital strategy is the bedrock of any project or relationship we undertake. We are able to map out where to be on the digital landscape through consumer insight, eco-system planning and reframing problems to enable companies achieve profitability.

Creative Design

Every brand has a story, and it is up to us to tell the story in the most creative way possible. Our creative team of designers, copywriters, photographers and content developers boast on developing simple and functional advertising campaigns that speak success all the way.

Web-Design & Mobile App Development

Websites and mobile apps are coded to be SEO friendly and responsive and follow best practices and standards. We also develop on top of the world's most power content management systems.

Digital Media Audit & Research

Are you getting value for your money? Are the channels you are using working? A thorough and independent digital audit can help reduce wasted resources and budget by giving your digital strategy a clear direction.

Media Buying/Planning

We integrate digital and traditional media buying campaigns to give you the advantages of both. Through thorough research, we are able to determine which channels give you the best results and negotiating for the best rates on direct buys.

Digital Experiential

We believe that unforgettable interactive experiences are replacing traditional advertising, so we specialize in producing top quality marketing activations in-person and online to generate qualified leads and leave a positive, lasting impression on your target consumer.


We give keen attention to details, delivering high-quality, creative work to our clients — on time, on budget and on strategy. Since we are human, we sometimes make a mistake, but when we do, we always admit it and then fix it beyond expectations..

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We are a bunch of creative story tellers who are passion driven and believe in having fun to produce quality works for all our clients.

Benjamin Ahura

Joleen Mumbe
Accounts Director

Victor Mutinda
Brand Strategist

Linda Ruto
Account Manager

Charity Muchai
Business Development Manager

Gerald Wanyeki
Finance Manager

Eric Musau
Creative Designer

Lilian Mbinya
Operations Manager

Janet Kerubo
Social Media Manager


Along our journey, we have made many friends. Here are some of them.

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Our stories are coming soon .


Our Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to success. We believe advertising campaigns should not only be eye
catching but actually provide a great return on investment. Feel free to reach out to us.


Vision Plaza 5th Floor, Suite 46
Nairobi, Kenya



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