Wapi Pay Brand Identity Redesign

Client: Wapi Pay

Country: Kenya

Scope of work


Introduction: Founded in 2019 in Singapore, Wapi Pay has rapidly emerged as a leading Kenyan fintech company specializing in platform-to-platform integrations, global accounts, and virtual wallets. With a strong presence in Nairobi, Singapore, and Tianjin-China, Wapi Pay focuses on delivering convenient global payment solutions and financial products for individuals, merchants, and businesses.


Challenge: Wapi Pay faced the challenge of scaling its service offerings while expanding its global footprint over the past year. The company needed to enhance its platform, improve user experience, and adapt to the dynamic needs of its diverse customer base.

Solution: In response to these challenges, Wapi Pay underwent a significant transformation, culminating in the launch of a new corporate brand identity. This rebranding included a redesigned logo, a revamped website, and an updated user app and web platform.

Brand Transformation: Wapi Pay’s new logo symbolizes fresh inspiration and reflects the company’s adaptable outlook in an ever-changing business landscape. The rounded design represents Wapi Pay’s flexibility in meeting customer needs. While the logo evolved, the corporate colors—green and black—remained consistent, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to providing a secure, fast, reliable, and affordable payment gateway between Africa and Asia.

Enhanced User Experience: The newly designed website and app signify Wapi Pay’s commitment to expansion and innovation. The modern design offers users a more seamless and enjoyable experience, with simplified registration processes and a user-friendly check rate calculator. Wapi Pay now supports a broader range of payment options, including Alipay, WeChat, and Binance, catering to the diverse preferences of its global customer base.



Results: The revamped brand identity, website, and app demonstrate Wapi Pay’s dedication to its customers worldwide. The company’s ability to evolve and innovate has positioned it as a trusted cross-border payments platform. With an expanded service portfolio and a strengthened global presence, Wapi Pay is well-equipped to facilitate secure, fast, and affordable transactions between Africa and Asia.

Conclusion: As Wapi Pay continues to ask, “Where in the world do you pay?” the answer is increasingly simple—with Wapi Pay, offering a reliable and innovative solution for individuals, merchants, and businesses engaged in cross-border transactions. The company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction propels it forward as a key player in the dynamic world of fintech.

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