Bata Kenya: Walk Further Walk Taller KE Campaign

Client: Bata Kenya

    Country: Kenya

    Scope of work



      Bata Kenya were looking to introduce their new technology, the Insolia technology. With women having complains of getting back pains and being uncomfortable, the Insolia technology makes heels more comfortable.
      We worked together in creating an awareness and sustainance campaign dubbed
      “Walk Further Walk Taller” and work on the launch event.


      We managed to hit a reach of 200,000 people online over 8 days with over 250,000 impressions and over 40,000 engagements. The launch was a success,attracting top celebrities and shoppers leading to an increase in sales over the period on instore purchases. We were able to also increase
      online sales for Bata Kenya through their e-commerce platforms by over 65% over the campaign period.

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